The City of Santa Maria welcomes and encourages the growth of agribusiness. Its commitment to working with the health and vitality of this industry strengthens the City’s important role in agriculture in the United States. In fact, agriculture continues to be the County’s major producing industry. Gross production in Santa Barbara County in 2013 was over $1.4 billion, and production continues to climb each year.

For a report on the economic contributions of agriculture, please click here.

The Valley’s rich soil, temperate climate and abundant water supply help produce a variety of crops throughout the year. Below you will find the total value and top ten crops in Santa Barbara County. For a complete report on agriculture production, please click here.

Top 10 Crops in Santa Barbara County

Crop Crop Value – 2013
Strawberries $464.7 million
Wine Grapes $163.4 million
Broccoli $136.1 million
Head Lettuce $  75.9 million
Avacados $  49.6 million
Cauliflower $  45.6 million
Celery $  44.4 million
Gerbera Cut Flowers $  25.5 million
Leaf Lettuce $  25.1 million
Lily Cut Flowers $  22.3 million
Total Crop Value $1.4 Billion

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