Government & Taxes

State & Local Taxes

Corporate Income Tax: Minimum $800 per year or 8.84%, whichever is greater.
Personal Income Tax: 0-9.3%
Local Sales Tax: 8.0%
Unemployment Insurance Tax: 1st $7,000 of wages per employee per year which is taxed at .8%.
Workers Compensation Rate: Rates vary by industry and occupation.
State Disability Insurance 1st $79,418 of wages which is taxed at 1.08%.
Real Estate Tax Rate: $1.25 per $100 of 100% of assessed value.
Business Licenses: $40 to $250 per year.
Business Personal Property Rate: $1.0206 per $100
Tourism Tax: 10%


Police Department
Number of Sworn:    112 officers
Divisions:    Two – Operations and Support
Operations:  Patrol Bureau, Traffic Bureau, Community Services Bureau, SWAT
Support:    Criminal Investigations Bureau (general investigations, narcotics, gangs, crime lab), Support Services Bureau (dispatch, training, records, property and evidence)
Volunteers:  25

Fire Department

Personnel:    51
Stations: 7, including 5 in Santa Maria and 2 in Orcutt
Fire Insurance Rating: ISO 4

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