Electric Power

Pacific Gas & Electric (800) 743-5000
For rebates and incentives, energy savings tips, economic development services and brochures, please click here to visit the web site.

Energy Efficiency Resources:

California Energy Commission
U.S. Department of Energy
Flex Your Power

Natural Gas

Southern California Gas (800) GAS-2000
For express efficient rebates, food service rebates, commercial incentive programs and other information, please click here to visit the web site.

Energy Efficiency Resources:

California Energy Efficiency
Energy Star
U.S. Department of Energy for Industry


Name: City of Santa Maria Utilities
Source of Supply: City Water Wells and State Project Water
Storage: 20 million gallons of above ground storage
Capacity: 25 million gallons per day
Peak Demand: 17 million gallons per day
Average: 12 million gallons per day

Wastewater System

Name: City of Santa Maria Utilities
Fluoridation: 0.8 parts per million
Capacity: 9.5 mgd
Peak demand: 12 mgd
Available Capacity: 9.5 mgd

Waster Disposal

Name: Santa Maria Regional Landfill
Capacity: Permitted for 732 tons per day
Class: 3
Hazard Water Disposal: First Tuesday and third Tuesdays from 8am to 12pm.

Recycling & Recovery Program

Provider: Santa Maria Regional Landfill
Health Sanitation Service
Western Propane (for propane only)
Pick-up Services: Every two weeks


The City of Santa Maria maintains the wastewater treatment system. There are 150 miles of storm water sewers and 350 miles of sanitary sewers. The treatment plant has a capacity of 9.5 million gallons per day.

For more information on City utilities including water, wastewater, recycling and other programs, please click here.


Verizon: Verizon’s portfolio of networking technology encompasses state-of-the art products such as CISCO, Nortel, Newbridge, Adtran, Kentrox and INTEL. Verizon also offers competitively priced Internet access and long distance service.

Wireless Providers (Voice & Data)

AT&T Wireless
Cingular Wireless
Cellular Plus
Digital Concepts
Nextel Communications
Norcast Communications
Pacific Bell Wireless
Sprint PCS
Uni-ver Cell
Verizon Wireless
WireComm Wireless Inc.

Internet Service Providers (ISP’s)

Impulse Internet Services
Local Net Corp
New Edge Networks
Norcast Communications
NetCyber Inc
ProNet Internet Services
Surfari Internet Provider Service

Motor Freight & Contract Carriers

Bedford Freight Lines
Condor Freight Lines
Matheson Fast Freight
Viking Freight
Roadway Express

Parcel Carriers

Airborne Express
California Overnight
Federal Express
United Parcel Service
U.S. Mail

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